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Not a lot of excitement going on in my life. The trip East a couple of weeks ago was the last adventure. Still get to ride the bike in this enjoyable weather. The trees should be changing into their Fall grandeur pretty soon. A few anxious leaves have jumped the gun and are showing a bit of color now but it'll be another week or three before the best display. The garden has pretty much died down but there are still a few tomatoes and peppers hanging in there. Marigolds are starting to go to seed so I should be out collecting the various colors for next year's planting.

We're heading for an artsy, craftsy, foodsy kind of thing in a neighboring town this afternoon. That should be fun. Seeing other people's work is always stimulating. And then there's the food. :-) Speaking of work, I've started to build a frame to enclose the Tree-triptych I painted a few months ago. Somehow, hanging on the wall, they seem to cry out for a boundary. We'll see...

The project to subdivide the basement into various areas for work and relaxing and doing the laundry, etc proceeds at a very snail like pace. Guess it's just not that exciting and I'm always able to find something else to do first. :-) Progress is being made but slowly, verrrry slowly.

Remember that piece of water color paper I taped down a few weeks ago? I think I mentioned it... anyway... it's still sitting, waiting patiently, for me to become inspired. Inspiration can't be rushed, though I have found in the past that just jumping into something without a clear cut plan in mind sometimes produces creative results. Perhaps today's trip to the festival will get the juices flowing. I'll let you know.



so there's been a nip in the air the last few mornings and with the cooler weather, the zinnias are starting to go to seed


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