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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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a walk-about...

ok...i took 7 and reduced 'em to give you and overview of my morning walk-about...

look up___look down___look around

winter wonderland___wood for the kiln

workshop and that snowbench___i need snow tires!

thanks for coming along--comeonin now and have some coffee...

that's all fer now

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that's how I get my snow this winter, apparently, vicariously through webcams and LJ photos . . . thanks!

i'm thinking, maybe a whole virtual winter might not be so bad--last check outside, it was 17 deg f and windy--jn, the daughter, flew back to portland yesterday, where it was almost 50 when she landed--phew! like hot!--jf, the son (who pedaled down from new haven) is still here but out riding about--i smilingly declined his invite to come along, brrr--'course he has the clothes for the weather--but still....


that's all. :-)

hey laura! -- didja have fun in the snow? -- didn't really amount to too much or stick around very long--it's continuing to disappear as i type :)

didn't do anything in it, hoping for more, just looked :-)

snow looks wonderful in photos.. lately, on many days the sky has been pink and the trees are completely white with ice and snow so it looks amazing but i've been afraid to take my digital camera outside because it'd freeze. my polaroid has been there, it did a good job.. but the sky wasn't pink then.

my favourite one of your pics is in the up left corner. :) i love taking photos of trees.

thanks for your comments--yeah, snow's neat--the pix lost a lot in reduction, but full size or resolution is too cumbersome...

I'll have lots of milk and sugar with mine thanks, hehehe.

milk and sugar...done -- or perhaps milk and cocoa for the change of pace coffee drink ;)

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