Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

deep breath time

...so, why spend the extra bucks for 1 hour photo processing, you might wonder, i used to -- but after the 3rd set (over a several month period) came back sans negatives, i thought to myself 'i think that's been 3 strikes, and maybe using the instore 1 hour service will greatly improve the odds of me actually getting the negs back with the prints' . Well...let me tell ya, this afternoon i dropped off the previously mentioned roll with what i hope will be some interesting close-ups. Then just a bit ago i went to pick 'em up - ha! "there's something wrong with the chemical stuff and the guy won't be in till tomorrow" - ok, i can understand that but why did i put my phone number on the envelope? - was it not so you could call me if there was a problem?? <"shrug"> -- now's the deep breath time, exhale slowly - ok, i have much practice in dealing with delayed gratification - i can handle this ... grrrrrrrr...
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