Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

developing questionable habits?

..so, this has been 2 days in a row, up b4 5 -- if i'm not careful, my whole body-clock software may become corrupted -- i can't keep gettin' up b4 the chickens everyday and still not hit the sack till 1 or 2am - can i?? -- what if my brain seizes up and overheats - meltdown?? baaaa, it'll sort itself out soon enough -- why worry? a. is here!! but only for 2-3 days :~( and if that's not bad enough, as we said goodnight, i heard, "be sure to wake me if i'm not awake by 11" - double baaaa, i'm squeakin' by on 3-4 hrs and she wants 10+!! ha ha, we'll see 'bout that, 'course she does hafta get her jet-clock re-gesnorkled..
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