Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

ummm, oh yeah...

..'snother monday; new week and all that; coupled with the concept that it's also a new day, this seems like the weekly day for new adventures; because of my habit of having continuing projects, it's not quite like a clean slate--maybe i should just place into a certain mental storage area, a sorta limbic limboland, where they can rest undisturbed until called forth again, all ongoing projects--i need to be able to put them out of the active register where they take up space needed for new ideas to germinate, to be able to allow them to hibernate...but...there are some things i just want to finish--that's not quite right; i want them to be finished; note the difference--so i get stuck between this need for completion and a need for new, for novelty, for something to tickle the imagination...fie!...an ongoing struggle, i guess, the haunting past and the beckoning future...
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