Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

so in some ways, christmas is over...gifts unwrapped and used or put away or returned; the anticipation is gone (but it's almost time to start longing for spring and the crocus)...all the wells have been wished, turkeys and hams and lasagnas and sausages have been reduced to the barest of pickings and then too, it's saturday

however some of the season's darker side lingers on...dark chocolates (and light chocolates too)--for breakfast i had a bowl of assorted chocolates from several boxes and some black coffee--i don't usually even consider sweet foods before noon (and yes, of course chocolate is a food, one of the n important food groups)--but i topped this off with a healthy apple... an apple a day keeps the doctor away, my grandmother used to say--and it's good for some balance

perhaps another cuppa coffee...
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