Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

yuk! and balderdash!

..this is a very nonsensical day, indeed! unseasonably warm, but persistantly raining--sort of an extended april shower--the ground is miringly goosh, the dog is having one of her "if you don't drink water, you don't have to pee" days, poked her nose out the door about 2 hours ago, turned around and went back to bed on "her sofa" in the garage/workwork/storeroom/lounge/doghouse which we share in a grudging sort of way

i'd been cutting the coutours of the mirror frame outside, a little at a time, it's mind-numbingly tedious work with a coping saw; the maple is well aged and quite hard, so the dust is fine and tends to quickly clog nasal passages, not to mention, cover everything with a fast 3 months of dust--i bought a band saw some years ago, which would make the work much more pleasurable, were it not for the frustrating tendency of the band-saw-from-hell to, willy-nilly, break blades--a nasty habit which has long since used up any savings i thought i had made by purchasing a less than good tool--i have given up the penny-wise-pound-foolish attempt at saving money on tools--to pay my pennance for wasting money on that fuckingly-no-good-very-bad band saw, i make any needed curve cuts by hand with a coping saw--but i think i am coming to the end of my pennance period...at any rate, i either suffer the dust indoors, the rain outdoors, or put off till tomorrow what i cannot do today--and you can guess where i stand on that issue
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