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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

..i find myself repeatedly goofing off today or hanging out on lj (or is that the same thing?), when i have much to do...

but not to hit myself in the face too hard, i do take occassional breaks to return to work, and i am making progress--the main structure of the "famous frame" is glued and drying as i type--further work has been done on the bicycle parts clock for jf, the recently annointed bike-freak

aaaand, yesterday, 15 mins prior to the po closing, i mailed off the pen

ergonomically carved maple pen

to ar--this being the last item requiring shipping :)

so...yeah...i can goof off if i wanna :)

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you are the best!
i saw my picture, and spent a good ten minutes IMing everyoneiknow and telling them, 'look! i am danica as superhero!' and showing them my little picature.

thank you for making my morning coloured by cerulean joy!

you're most welcome--it was one of those impluses i just could not resist :)

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