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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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one gift finished...

a "few" more to go--but 2 have been started :)

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that's soooooooo gorgeous!!! :-D

well, thank you very much--you're really getting into icon variety, aren't you

ohhhhhhhh yeah, yes i am! :-D

good for you--busy hands are happy hands as me irish granny used to say ;)

v. beautiful indeed.

i am almost done with the last crochetted scarf. i'm rather sad to be finishing it, it was a good companion to me all day.


must be nice to be finishing instead of starting :)

*whistles* very impressive!

thank you

have you gotten rid of the burrito aroma yet :)

after nine months of working there, i believe the only way i can ever truly free myself from the smell would be to somehow chew myself off at the neck. :)

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