Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

well...no offense to you north-westerners, but today here in nj is a portland/seattle kind of day--just when you think the rain has stopped and go to do something outside, a heavy and persistant "mist" starts to first hang in the air, then if that isn't enough for you, it begins to get into actually falling--then it seems chillier and the bones start to say, "this is not so good"--but hope springs eternal and now and then it seems to lighten up, but no, you know it's not going to actually stop till you stop the outside activity and move indoors--somehow it knows

so, all i wanted to do was check out the steering (needs some work), brakes, and chain clearance (needs more)--a short trip about the area while it wasn't raining--so the wasn't turned into was and the front chain kept slipping off (thus proving to me that, yes, you really do need a chain tensioner!), i'd slip it back on, it'd stay on long enough to lull me into complacency then skrrik, chika, chika, chika--i'm sure it was all amusing to any in the neighborhood who chanced to be looking out the window--nice to spread a little laughter throughout the 'hood

i'm back in now where it's dry and warm and i have my coffee and i'm through with machine work for the day...
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