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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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a down day?

..for breakfast, i had 6 oatmeal cookies and a cuppa coffee--not a good sign, i don't think 6 satisfied my hunger--i want more, this'll probably go on till they're all gone

i was just thinking some ice cream would be nice too--but i finished it off last night

maybe another coffee will chase away the munchies...i'll see

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been smoking something? heh.

I love oatmeal cookies too, but if I eat too many, they make me feel sick. I think it's the creame?

..you'd be welcome to share my cookies, but i'm afraid they'd be all gone by the time you could get here :) -- i made up about 3 dozen last night and they're disappearin' fast :)

i hope i don't get sick--haven't had any more since "breakfast" :)

i figure oadmeal cookies are just like big chunks of granola, right?

i love oatmeal cookies.....with raisins and white chocolate chips. did you make them?

ya, i love 'em too and yes, i made 'em but just raisins this time no chocolate chips in the house :( -- i like 'em with raisins and chips :) -- yum

i am so going to learn to bake some day. =p

..all ya do is mix the ingredients and stick 'em in the oven for 10 mins

Re: why not today?

oh man, you have no idea... i'm lacking major skills in the mixing and sticking-in-the-oven department.

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