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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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smoke detectors...

..fie on them--
so here i am, finally having fit the last piece of frame to what has come before, and having secured it in place with tape on one end (don't laugh, the plan was to tack the other end in place then remove the tape before the heat migrated to the tape end), i began to heat the pieces and braze 'em together--did i mention i was working in the one-time-but-alas-no-longer garage?--ok, the tape scorched a bit but the real culprit, the one which set off the smoke detector, was the paint on the old frames; it kinda incinerates off, no need to mechanically remove it--no need if you're working outside, which is where i normally would be working (if it weren't so numbingly cold and damp)--so the fumes from the disappearing paint around the join found their way to the smoke detector--piercing sound--disconnect, then back to work

so, yup, after a few false starts and a bit of final fitting, the housing for the steering device is in place--the work area is clearing itself of fumes and i think i've accomplished enough on the trike for one day

perhaps the glue on the most recently attached piece of the mirror frame is now dry and i can continue with that construction...after a well deserved cup of coffee

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HA HA HA... you said "fie". okay, i just wasn't expecting that. it made me laugh -- so what. that doesn't make me craaaAAaaazy... STOP LOOKING AT ME!


haha... fie.

fie...such a neat and underused word and as you found, a nice comic relief from the use of fuck :)

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