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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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the kitchen is reclaimed...

where we see the mirror frame piled on top of the cardboard workup of the steering mechanism for the trike assembly, which it is sitting on top of--all because the workbench is cluttered with bits and pieces of ongoing projects (along with a cup of coffee, cooling)--how can i work like this?

the work area is the former garage; behind the hot-colored drapes is, not a window, which you might expect, but...no, you really don't want to know...

from time to time, i think i will someday live organized -- but the thought passes and i zip off in some other direction before i can get bogged down in actually organizing

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hmm. do drapes really work? maybe I could do that. anybody ever ask what's behind the curtain?
Monty Hall? Toto? Dorothy?

nah. I think the hubby would catch onto it too quickly to be worthwhile.

..it's well known what lurks "behind the drapes" but the subject is rarely mentioned -- and wisely so... :)

it's a giant mural of roseanne nude, right?

very nice!

i always tried to organize my room until i realized that my messes are organized! when i clean and stuff, i can't find anything. i know where everything is--mostly--this way. =p

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