Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

time passed...

..i spent an hour and a half surfing--could not believe it; looked and it was 9:31 -- i think perhaps i'm numb today; did the blood sample taken yesterday come directly from my brain supply?j

so i went to finally brew some coffee and found a display resembling hell's kitchen greeting me -- someone, in a fit of holiday baking frenzy last night, had left a wind blown disaster; i had to crunch together piles of detirtus left from the disintegration of some obviously monumental joy-of-cooking effort gone mad, in order to locate the grinder--fortunately the brewer hangs from the upper cabinets and was still some few inches above the melee--as the pfft, pfft sounds of coffee-to-be filled the still air accompanied with sweet aroma, i began the clean up--i'll finish it in small increments throughout the day; a bit of cleanup with each cup of jo

we, perhaps in a moment of yearning for our more return-to-the-basics approach to life, have steadfastly refused to replace the dishwasher which gasped it's last some months ago--the true test was: could we survive the thanksgiving onslaught; survive we did with many hands taking turn at dish duty and reliving childhood gatherings around the kitchen sink, complete with suds flinging and towel snapping--but there is no camaraderie now, being as it's only me and the dog and she's hiding out somewhere dreaming, no doubt, of chasing various small but devilishly intriguing furry animals--so it's just me and the do-it-in-small-coffee-mug sized bytes has proved to work in the past...
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