Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..good morning!
hah! at 10am he says good morning; well it is still morning; saturday shouldn't be different than other days for me but somehow weekends still have a holdover quality from days when i went off to work for someone else; now when i set my own agenda, sat shouldn't seem any more special than thurs or monday, but there's still that little bit of: hooray, it's a weekend, take it easy! -- so, i guess i've been taking it easy 'cause here it is 10:10 and i don't remember doing much for the last 4 hours--perhaps it's just early old-timers, memory lapses and all, or maybe i didn't do much but sit and stare into space; now there's a scary thought--no no, now i remember, i read through about half of the new discover, ate, fed the dog, straightened up some messes...yeah, yeah, the memory's coming back :) -- definitely not time for the dog track yet...
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