Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

so...it's not so cold...

..up to almost freezing in the shade -- without wind it almost seems balmy so i got a bit more done on trike 2 -- some was reworking 'cause i found, much to my distress, that seat to pedal distance was too great; but hey, this is much better than too short; it's always easier to shorten a tube than it is to stretch it--so the engineering change has been successfully accomplished; the seat basket is complete and i've about worked out the design bugs in the steering (i think)

and all the time christmas is getting closer and i have yet to complete one gift--why am i working on a trike which even if finished will see only limited use until the spring thaw? the only answer is: projects often take on a life of their own and i must follow where they lead--that's all--i know i'll get to the presents sooner or later, and i know they'll be finished in time--i guess the time pressure hasn't quite built up sufficient strength yet; it will

right now i believe a mug of hot chocolate and something sweet to eat is called for -- yup! be back later...
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