Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

i'm not enjoying this cold weather

my woodworking/welding shop is not heated--i wonder if i don't clean up all the sawdust before lighting the torch, my heating problem will solve itself :) -- i think this is one area where it will pay to be rigorusly tidy...yes! working on top of smoldering sawdust would most likely not be healthful

today is shrink day wherein he decides if we need to again play around with my head candy--variety is the spice of life, so they say--i think it would be interesting to study more about how heads work (according to the latest, but ever changing, theories)

there are so many things of which i know so little--increased lifespans are just not keeping up with the geometric explosions in knowledge--is it stunting to know "all there is" about one subject and be practically ignorant in other areas? i think so--i prefer to let my head wander where it will, picking a bit from here and a bunch from there and hoping that some magic will happen and i'll generate a better overall synthesis in my head

but enough of that for now--i must clean up my paint debris and head for the shower so as not to offend the doc--showers were a good invention (or would it be discovery?) and the introduction of hot water to the shower was a major breakthrough for humankind--yay for showers!
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