Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


..does it seem that there's so much to do to the house when t-day company's coming--they're all family (or so close it doesn't really matter) -- do we live in such squalor when there's no company expected? -- i don't think so -- so why do things that were cleaned quite recently all of a sudden seem so filthy? why does furniture that's lived quite nicely in a location suddenly not look quite right there? why does a bathroom that's cleaned (sorta) on a daily basis suddenly demand to be "thoroughly disinfected" like the people who live here (us!) have some hedious contagious tropical disease--i don't like accepting the idea that the house has to be better dressed for "company" than it does on a day to day basis--why don't we, who live here all the time matter just as much as "company"--there's just a certain element about this preparation that always sinks it's pointy little teeth into my ass and does not want to let go...

(and yes, i can here you all sniggering, saying, you're the one who has to let go...)
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