Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

dreary morning...

..i decided to picture some of the dreary day


first we enter throught the dreary gate where all the morning glories have turned a soggy brown--time to pull 'em down--past the dreary birdbath where the leaves are steeping to a tastey bird tea...

..to ed's dreary back corner where the kiln is, surrounded by soggy wood but as you notice on the inset, there are 2 more or less smiley faces--the left door is to load in the pots, the right to load in (again and again) the fire wood--the trike framing jig is sitting atop the kiln pretending to be snoopy

and by the time i'd finished playing outside with my new toy, i felt much better, thank you and am now ready to get on with other things--first of all, a bite to eat :)
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