Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

just another day...

..some days i wake up all full of 'piss and vinegar', ready to go and not even wanting to take time for the newspaper; i can see so much ahead that i want to get accomplished , just to see how it turns out; then there are days like today; i lollygagged in bed too long, half awake, half in some other state so when i did finally drag out 'round 8am i was in a hazy fog--i was in perfect sync with the weather: misty, foggy, damp (well, i wasn't actually damp)--the air seems thick and the thickness absorbs a lot of the ambient sounds making it seem like i'm in a space with a lot of sound suppressant on the walls, sorta like snow--so the fog inside my mind and body (where my muscles have turned to thick gooey fat) is in cahoots with the fog outside and the cahoot 'as got me slowed down to the point where i feel like i'm shoveling shit against the tide and it's useless; i might as well pile up some munchies and plug in an audio book and pretend to be a potato--at times like this, maybe that's the best thing to do: just vegetate for a time but maybe this time i'll be a rutabaga...
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