Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

nostalgia, cont.

..well, what if i am doing this to occupy my mind and put off doing other things ... so what ...

wandering the aisles of hd (for example) brings back memories of past days as a wee child, walking to church (yes i did, but it was a form of child abuse) with the family. going, we'd take a plesant route across a foot bridge over a small lake, but on the return, we'd walk by way of a hardware store, in which my father would escort us up and down the aisles, he and i admiring the beautiful tools and equipment, my mother (trying to keep the 2 younger kids from knocking things over or being injured by some serious looking implement of death or at least serious bodily harm) -- ahhh, the good ol' days -- now i mostly go alone -- sigh
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