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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..so, i'm thinking: mirror frame along the lines of a female torso, soft smooth curves, hardwood that'll take a nice satin finish...sketches aren't quite there yet...

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furniture porn. talk hard, bebe!

definitely hard wood -- probably maple, so when it's finished to the smoothness of a baby's bottom, ya won't be able to resist running your hand over it :)

it's starting to take shape--'bout 24" high 12-16 inchs wide...

oooh yeah! that sounds nice. i'd like to have that in my room, actually. pretty cool :)

so much for santa claus....... =p

..bite your tongue, ccc, it's not even t-day yet--regardless of the walmarts and kmarts of the world and their christmas decor...

what is "ccc?" i bought a frog pen with a christmas scarf! does that count? i think that will be the extent of MY christmas decorating.

now, my mom........ ... ...

..well my little candy-coated crusader...how very nice a froggie pen; but why put a scarf on the pen? he har :)

to make it even more cute! oh, and also to keep it warm.... it gets cold in my room.

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