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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..i've been out and about running a variety of errands--i try to build up a list of things to do so i can get it over with all at once and then get back to my toys--i picked up some supplies to complete the grapevine wreath (i get 2 crops from my vines: first the grapes, then the vines for various 'crafty' projects)

i think i need a break from trike2--i want to mull over the mid section for a while--that makes this a good time to work on other things while my mind mulls; i need to banish trike from my conscious mind for a while and come back to it later

i really should start on the hanging mirror for jn...why do i keep putting it off?

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so is that what you do all day? just build things? lol, sorry i came in on this a little late.

..well, no, i don't always build things, but i usually have several current projects in the works so i can break from one when i need to but still have something creative to work on--i was an art teacher in a former life but i have given up that insanity in favor of my own sanity :)--many of the things i create, i sell at a variety of art shows and occassionaly i put things in local shops--i finally arrived at:'who knows how long life will last, so why continue doing things i no longer enjoy'--my wife continues to teach and our 2 kids are in college, so most days it's just me and the dog to move the way the wind blows, and most days i'm pretty content--i seem to be happiest when i'm so involved in what i'm doing that i forget about eating and only take a pee break when i absolutely have to--but all days aren't like that :( but a goodly number are and i manage to get through the ones that aren't...

i hope you're able to spend a good part of this grand day outside, jenn; btw my daughter's also jennifer lynn :)--5/16/82 heh!

ahh it is kind of a nice day. just a little bit too cold for my taste. my favorite time of the year is early october, the weather is beautiful. and you can't beat a good thunderstorm, eventhough most people think that's horrible weather, i think it's the best kind :) haha, listen to me, im talking about the weather.

jennifer lynn is such a common name, i can't stand it! i wish i had a very original name, but i don't. does your daughter have a livejournal also?

you sound like my dad, in a way, with how you build things and such. my dad used to be into building stuff, like wooden things, and he'd sell them from time to time or just put them around the house. ahh, things have changed now and he's not the same, but i can always remember walking in the basement of our old house and smelling freshly cut wood, and watching him make things. then i'd bug him to play something on the drums for me, because he used to be the drummer in a local rock band in the 60s-80s, but he no longer has the drums :( i used to love going down there just to watch him work and play drums. ahhh, memories :)

..it's gorgeous outside--may not get another day like this till april--my thermometer says 52 and that's in the shade; the sun is sooo toasty--i had to take a break and rake some leaves and mulch 'em up----'course that means the mirror frame is not yet designed...but it will be

yeah, i love t-storms too--the atmosphere gets so charged; it's like a light and sound show

you seem to talk of your dad in the past tense--split family, i would guess--sorry 'bout that

past tense, yes. i didnt notice that though...hmm. well, my mom left my dad when i was 15, and i lived with him until i was 16, and he changed a lot, became a really hard person to live with, and i didnt agree with some of the things he was doing with his life. so i moved in with my mom and have been with her ever since. i rarely speak to my dad. months will pass before i see him. i saw him just recently because it was my birthday, thats the only reason. before that i hadnt spoke to him since september 29th. see? long time so speak to daddy. oh well.

hmmm...it's a shame your dad happened into things that caused him to change so much that it drove away first your mom then you--sounds like you used to have a pretty good relationship with him till things went bad--but people do change sometimes, maybe he'll change back again and shake off whatever made him so hard to live with and to want to be with...so, you've been with your mom for 4 years or so, guess you've kind of gotten over the bad parts of the seperation and learned to cope with it all somehow...good for you

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