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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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it's monday and it's cold! my thermometer indicates 36 deg F -- that's chilly in my book! 4 more deg down and the birdbath freezes -- but then i get to watch the silly birds trying to poke their beaks into ice :)

to those of you in the northlands, 36 deg f may not sound cold, walking around with snow piled on your heads, but it's a rude awakening to one in south nj who went to put the trash out wearing shorts -- shorts were still ok yesterday; i guess the big switch has been thrown -- it smells like winter knocking at the door

today would be an appropriate day to start making christmas presents -- we'll see...

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Oh God damn, that sound could! TOOOOOOOOOOOO cold!

..well, it warmed up to around 50 deg F later in the day, so wasn't too bad

how's the temperature in your neck of the woods??

..i guess the north atlantic must play a big part in your weather--i think your winters must be much more severe than here in nj usa, being that you're almost 20 degrees further north -- very brrrrr

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