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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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coffee table...

here's a pic of the finished table

it's built of a combo of maple and oak -- the top inserts are textured ceramic floor tiles -- the big panel on the facing side is a drop-down door -- a corresponding small panel on the opposite is a side opening door (2 seperated storage compartments) -- it's been in place in the living room for over a week and the storage areas are still empty! oh my oh my!

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You *made* that?

*very impressed look*

..sure did -- the maple was reclaimed from 50-60 year old table that had been my father's (grandfather's??) -- it was uuuggly; 1940s-1950s (?) pseudo-colonial; but the wood was still in fine shape, once i'd removed the horrible orangish finish and cut it into some different shapes :)

wow. i only thought those guys on public television could make that sort of thing. hooray for you!

oh, and do you need to borrow some junk to fill the storage compartments? i have plenty...

..thanks for the thought--maybe i should be on tv

i've practiced a lot--in all kinds of media--stay tuned to this channel

think i'll pass on the junk, though :)

you should be on tv! i actually like watching those kind of shows on the weekends when it's raining and my mom locks me in the house......aha.

your dog could be with you, too! it'd be a hit in no time.

a very handsome table.

a VERY handsome table, indeed.

Re: a very handsome table.

why, thank you very much--i was happy with the finished project :)

Yes, that is -very- amazing. Do you just work in your free time for fun or did you learn this craft from someone? I bet you could make some money doing this, if you aren't already. It's a beautiful piece of furniture, indeed.


why thank you very much--i've studied some crafts with others, wood-working i've pretty much picked up on my own and by studying the work of others (starting with my father :)

(((hope you enjoyed your trip to the park)))

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