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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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piss & moan

..so, i thought i could take the easy way out..ha -- i just posted the following:
..yup! .. for me, when here, it'll be 1999, 'cause i'm tired of filling
in the date each entry, and setting this dino-puter to 2002 messes with
its mind and causes probs in other areas -- and i'm just not ambitious
enuf to figger out how to fix the apparent y2k prob - it's an elderly
486 and will someday be replaced (maybe) and if not, 1999 is good enuf
for me

..well, shit, as a bit of thinking should've told me, 1999 placed the entry before all other entries -- certainly not what i'd hoped for - grrrrrr....
and so, till a better solution presents itself, i guess i'll just hafta go on changin' the date -- i heard that! i heard you thinking 'so what better do you have to do?'