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I'm sitting at the top of a food chain

..the subject above was swiped from a post written by weetanya -- after reading her post i found myself in a state of frenzied cogitation -- wee's posts often affect me that way, which is all well and good; my head needs to be kicked into gear sometimes--the entry dealt with consumerism and america's buy mentality, go look weetanya

part of my reflection started as: yeah, this is definitely a buy and throw away society (look back a few days to my bicycle collection adventures) and i don't know what i can do about affecting others' way of life; this was quickly followed by, who am i to even try except by example; which led, of course, to what kind of example am i? worse than many, better than some, probably in the middle of the road, as i assume most of us to be

i've found it comfortable to 'settle'; it's the easy way out--i chose a middle of the road job, married, bought a house, had 2 kids, 2 cars, a dog, and all that goes with it, plus a constant nagging for years, that this was not the way i wanted to live--the regular ol' job (first on the list) was necessary to support the life outlined in the rest of the list--or so i thought

before the job really got hold of me, and with still the visions of youth and energy, the wife-to-be and i sought to hack out a life in the woods of western mass; scrounged together money for 4 acres of hilly wooded land, cleared 2 spots--one for garden, one for cabin--let me add, now, that the land was relatively cheap and for good reason--with a dug well (that annually goes dry) and hand pumping water (no electricity), and wanting to do things organically in some of earth's worst soil...well, "jobs" soon became a necessity--hey! we were young and full of great ideas but not in complete touch with reality...

we got in touch with reality, but still maintain the 4 acres with a cabin--dreams die hard sometimes--the current fact of the matter is: we could sell the suburban rancher we later bought, divest ourselves of 95% of our accumulated stuff and now move to the woods—-sure, the cabin needs some more work, would require more space to live there permanently, we'd have to run in electricity—-gotta have the 'puter—-and i ask myself how much would the move change how i live? we do compost here in suburbia, have a producing organic garden, dutifully sort our trash for recycling, chop up fall's leaves for mulch, do not apply chemicals to the "lawn" and reuse and/or repair all manner things which todays society says, in one way or another, belongs in the landfill

do i feel guilty buying canned beans to make chili because i'm all of sudden in a hurry—-no, not usually, after all, i do what i can—-and that's the answer for a lot of what i do—-i could be more earth friendly but i do what i can...

now, the above (and much more which, thankfully, i've already forgotten) was all buzzing around in my head 'cause i read the bit on 'buy nothing day, nov 29' – and my first response was wtf! and pretty soon hallmark will be printing up special cards to send to friends and relatives wishing them a happy bnd—and I chuckled—-then i realized that's no joke, bnd cards will be on the shelves as soon as bnd gets a small foothold, maybe before (you see, cynicism creeps in unannounced) i have acquired certain cynical inclinations with the years—-i chose to live in a capitalist country because i believe it's the best system yet devised for an ongoing society—-but i can still recognize areas that i would like changed and i think about them, however rarely do anything beyond tailoring my own life in line with my beliefs

there seems to me something ironic in a group raising funds to buy ad time on tv promoting buy nothing day --but then i say to myself, just another example of what happens when a group forms: a small group can have good ideas and implement those ideas, the larger the group grows, the sillier the ideas become ('cause hey kids, let's get a consensus here), then of course there's the grand example of a government (may I super-size that for you, sir?) run amok with both size and silliness of ideas—i think i've digressed...-

i'm no longer sure if i had a point other than i do what i can and try to be a reasoned example—-'course it could be that i'm just lazy—-but i'll now dispel that thought by going out to aerate the compost pile—-it's still a nice day outside...
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