Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


..all the torch fittings are connected, and the torch burns brightly--now when the rain stops, tomorrow or next week, i can begin assembling trike2...

and as if that weren't enough to make it a good day, i tried deep frying tofu before adding it to stir fry; well, next time'll be better but it wasn't downright awful, just a bit tough--tough tofu, can you believe it?--thicker slices next time, maybe hotter oil and quicker cookin'--but all in all, i'd say it worked out ok with a promise to be good next time, then excellent on the 3rd or 4th attempt...hehe! and...the tossed in corn starch, water, honey and soy sauce worked out just fine; measuring cups and spoons are vastly overrated...

i've always admired those "got-their-act-together" renaissance guys--they always knew where their towel was
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