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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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(no subject)

..all i've done since reading the paper (yeah, i'm back to that, the drama that is iraq caught my attention again) is work on organizing music files and chasing bits of pig out of my sty--neither of which seem the least improved for my efforts...sigh

i had an attack of the sweets last night around 10:30 so i went to the local grocery and bought a cheesecake, chocolate swirl; it's half gone! i ate a half a cheesecake in the last 12+ hours--but the good part is: there's still half to go :)

i've given up trying to find an adapter for the acetylene regulator and am now working on the threads with a file--slow tedious

all 5 bikes have been reduced to boxes of parts with frames and wheels hanging from the ceiling--a calderesque mobile perhaps?

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can i come live there?
you have food!
good food!

..i try to keep a supply on hand; sometimes what's on hand is just not what's needed--the taste buds cry out for something new and tastey

there's always food to share--when can i expect you to arrive?

mmm... bikes. i need a bike. if you're interested in getting rid of some of the stuff, let me know.

what i don't use my son will be putting to use for the bike co-op at his campus--but unless MD is a lot diff from NJ, you should have your pick of the litter the next "heavy trash" collection day in one of the burbs

yeah, i don't live in the burbs. and most of the trast is just old tvs. i don't trust any of the bikes i see.

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