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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..some of you may be interested in this:

let your voice be heard Please take a moment to read this:

Last Friday, the Oprah show covered a story of a Nigerian woman, Amina Lawal, who has been sentenced to death by stoning because she had a baby out of
wedlock. She has tried to appeal the decision but has been unsuccessful, thusfar. The head of Nigeria disagrees with these stonings but has so far done
nothing--partly because of the fear of not being re-elected. I should also note that the father of the baby denied fathering the child and, hence, has escaped any form of punishment. Amina Lawal's stoning will occur as soon as she is finished nursing her child. She will be buried up to her neck in dirt and
townsmen will throw stones at her head until they kill her--which has beenknown to take hours. I send out a plea to all the women and men receiving this e-mail
and to all the men raised by women to join me and many others to help prevent this horrific and inhumane event from occuring. All you have to do is visit the
Oprah website:

Click on the Amina Lawal pop up screen or search using Amina's name and you will see a pre-written letter addressed to the Nigerian Ambassador. Just fill out your information on the bottom of the page and send it. It's as simple as that. You can even go one step further and forward this e-mail to your friends so they can be part of the mission to save Amina Lawal. It's your chance to save one woman's life. We can claim ignorance when doing nothing to stop vicious atrocities that we know nothing about from occurring but there is no justification if we standby and allow for these events to take place when we are fully aware of them.

You might want to help by passing this along as i am doing.

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hi! this is the alter-ego of red_water :D

i'm just letting you know that i have added you back on that journal (it has some little silly notes to my boyfriend so beware ;)

but anyways, i'm adding you on to my friends list that i check my friends page from too :) i look foward to reading more about yourself :)

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