Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

oh ho...

..the energy is in the right place today..all the old car pets are tied up and out for trash pickup--and in a 15 min tour of the hood, i found 2 more complete (more or less) 10 speeds and a 3rd which the kind former owner had disassembled for me and it looked as if s/he had polished the chrome rims!

so...in less than 24 hours, i've acquired, at no cost, essentially 5 light weight bike frames (2 of them upper-end with pricey cranks, gears, and various what-nots--snatched from the hungry jaws of the trash-crusher truck

it never ceases to amaze me what a flagrantly throw-away society we've become--how does this happen--what are folks thinking to toss on a pile of damaged lawn furniture, rusty lawnmower, boxes of attic-who-knows-what, garden fencing (on and on) one 10 speed and one 15 speed bike, that when new must have been in the $300 to $400 range???

if i were to cruise a more affluent neighborhood, would i find a somewhat dirty, with 2 flat tires and torn rag top mg-td? or maybe last years "old" puter with a broken mouse?
--one of my first puters was, in fact, a complete and fully functioning (with software loaded) 486--honestly, it was sitting (i think it's weeping caught my attention) at the curb, mere hours from the jaws of the hydraulic crusher---gaaaahhh!

campus dumpster-divers, look beyond those big ofttimes maloderous boxes with the snap-jaw lids, reach out to the neighborhood--entire apartments of furniture and a wealth of mechanical devices (ok, often not functioning--but it can be a challenge!) await rebirth with timely snatching from the maw of the crusher

starve a landfill, feed a generation!--well, maybe feed is not the right word but it seems to fit the slogan...
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