Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

..it's happened again...

..i just looked back to see what i'd posted earlier so as not to give the appearance of senility by repeating myself repeating myself--

and what did i find? nothing! but i've been leaving verbage all over my lj-friends' journals--what a lout i am--i should be set right down and forced to churn out volumes for my own journal and not allowed to fill up other folks'--but that's harder, and yes, i admit, i often look for the easier, softer way--it is often easier to respond to what another has said (whether profound or idiotic) with a brief, or even lengthy, comment of my own (again, profound, idiotic, or as is often the case, meaningless to anyone but me...sometimes)--and then too, there's a sincere interest in finding just what the fuck you've all been up to--and, honestly, as a group, you're just so damn full of ideas that spark my interest that i don't have time to begin to follow up on--somedays i read something that just absolutely blows away what i had planned for the day and i get lost in thinking or doing some new project entirely--and yes, i do have lots of projects in the works at one time, but i'm seldom bored

i have only a few more coats of finish on a furniture project and i'm now putting some serious design time into the motor trike; i've scrounged enough parts to actually start construction and the new welding torch is crying out for use--yes, i can hear it: use me, use me -- there are other voices butting in about time to start dinner, or straighten up a bit, however i can have selective hearing

i just know this post doesn't make up for all the drivel i've spread about this afternoon, but i'll be back...
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