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goblin's gonna get me...

..i have an appointment at the periodontist for an "industrial strength" scraping and blood letting today--how appropriate is that--my canines will be shiny white and dripping blood as i grope my way back to the car--the highlight, though, is the lovely colleen, hygienist--anyone else attacking my mouth is such a way would be in danger of receiving a severe vampire like bite; actually i may give her a little bite anyway, in keeping with the season :)

well, dentist aside, i am still buoyed by the crest-riding day of yester--and still have that energy flowing--this may be the perfect day to begin work on trike2, the engine trike--or maybe i should begin christmas presents during this high energy cycle--decisions, decisions--and i still have a few more coats to go on the coffee table...

that reminds me, i didn't get to sleep till almost 4am and was up 3 hours later--i know a crash will come sometime...but not just yet :)

oh! and i still must go and purchase more treats for the wee goblins that will begin rattling my cage door as soon as school turns 'em loose--weeeee--why more you ask?--it's not always a good idea to be toooo early with some purchases--coffee and chocolate are running neck and neck as to which i would least like to be stranded without...

ok kiddies, be sure to have someone responsible (if you know one) check your treats before pigging out--seeya later...
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