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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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is it real...

..like the moon landing, showtime
if i only see it in my living room
on a tv screen
with SurrroooounD SooooounD
lookout ma, lookout pa
next one may land just where you are
and they'll pack you in a jar
and tuck you away
where worries never come to stay
while the nearly men strut around
cocks in the barnyard
hands shoved down deep
with a sense of shhhh, battles
where fluids oozzzz and eyes don't open
while others pace, pace, pick up the pace
hands gesturing, lips flapping
with a sense of shhhh, filthy scum
a duty to teach, to show the way
and the sheriff saves his piss
in a bottle at night
and slyly marks his territory
do not cross for i am boss

but the loss, the very loss

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hmmm... that's pretty interesting. perhaps i'll comment again after i've had a while to examine it thouroughly in my head...

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