Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


yup, there were pieces of ice falling from the sky this afternoon out of a pewter sky that only a few hours before had been blue and promising--the ice was accompanied by a nasty cold rain that gives chills just looking out the window, which is about all the contact with outside that the wonder dog wants--she must have super bladder control and i'm sure she moderates her water intake on dismal days; it's all i can do to chase her out once or twice--up she looks with sad eyes and drooping ears, tail hanging low, 'please,' she wants to say, 'don't make me go outside'--not much fun, peeing in the rain...

  • (no subject)

    pic didn't go with post... such is life. here it is

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    yeah still here. Health probs under control for the time being...time slips away. I do try to save it in a bottle but it just keeps slipping away.…

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