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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..harumpff used elsewhere (akabob) reminded me of a pain in the rump i sustained this morning, to wit:

when i bought the acetylene tank last week, i also bought an adapter needed to join it
to the regulator -- ok, but when i tried to screw 'em (oo, he said screw 'em!) together, they seemed to be of different species; being a tool user, i took the bezel burnisher from my jewelry tools and cleaned up the threads, still no penetration going on; i took both parts back to the supplier of the adapter, he tried to get 'em to mate, he tried another adapter, all to no avail; so the long and short of it is:get 2 big wrenches and threaten them into coupling, grrrr

i have not yet tried the brute force method yet, then again, i haven't had lunch yet...