Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

this seems to be one of those dull, dreary days when it's tough to get into gear--there's a general achey feeling which i take to be the onset of "the attack of the germs" but which could in fact be a result of relative physical inactivity the last several days; so maybe i should start picking up the pace here with a little yoga-my-way just to get the juices flowing

st, who several months ago, married a gentle man of indian/german extraction subsequent to having moved lock, stock and barrel to hyrdrabad, in, which followed a courtship here in the states, where they met, dropped in for a visit yesterday afternoon, being that she is on a several week visit to the us, sans hubby, and we took some of her wedding photos, scanned them and will be manipulating them to produce more pleasing compositions--removing unwanted heads, corners of windows and the like from the backgrounds of otherwise very nice pix--'twas a traditional indian wedding with all the red and gold and flowing forms, visually quite interesting--i'm looking forward to the project..
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