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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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be healed...

..i say to my leg--but it continues to seep--perhaps if i lay on hands?

..i went out
cut fire wood earlier--cheered me right the buck up :); but the leg cut keeps on oozing, not much, but enough to be very annoying--i could keep it covered, but i believe in fresh air and sunshine (or clouds in todays case)--once the seep builds up sufficient volume, it creeps down my leg; imitating, in it's own drippy way, a bug--so i tied a leg band (similar to a head band or wrist band blocks the sweat) just above my knee, which coincidentally, is just below the wound; sorta works, 'cept for slipping down from time to time and it does eventually get a bit nasty looking, anh!

ok, no more on the leg--it's not a big deal, just an ongoing fucking annoyance

..later i came back in