Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


..already i'm not liking today--my leg's not healing as fast as i want it to--not only do i feel like belly-aching, i have a belly ache, i finally succumbed to the wiles of nature and turned the furnace on (after spending an hour cleaning and installing a new filter yesterday)--i'm still wearing shorts, but i've put on a long sleeve shirt (this may not be permanent, as evidenced by the fact that it's not buttoned)--ar's having some probs; heard from her last night--i'd like to run up and spend some time with her but that's not working out for now--the wagon's finally been retired, so now i don't have a way to drag my shit to exhibits; the neon's just not big enough--fuck, that's enough for now; i just reread the above and realized if that's all i've got to complain about, i'd best just get my ass in gear and get to work
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