Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

i know this is silly...

but so what...

i've been led down this wretched path by the combined postings of translucid and weetanya

but they are, of course, in no way responsible

Death of a cat

There be a cat so foul whose fate it is
to die midst cannine teeth all slobbering;
feline pisser so quick to pause and wiz
just among the doorside flowers growing

A furry beast who's nighttime wail and howls
whilst prowling for another of it's kind
disturbs with gusto born of earth's own bowels
sweet geltle slumber which renews my mind

Least reader cast me as a callous twit
with conscience on a par with lowely slugs
allow this as a bit of vulgar wit
for ev'ry lifeform on my heartstring tugs (well almost)

the ways i can find to entertain my mind amaze even me

...on another topic (entirely!)--i bought my 2 tanks this am and they're there just waiting for the mood to strike...
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