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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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good to the last drop (not)...

the following is pretty much a response to a post by highersoul

..yeah, the last drop is very bad--but we drink it anyway, most times, 'cause as kids we were taught to "think of the poor starving people in (name your favorite 3rd world country)" or to "waste not, want not"--or whatever slogan was used to get us into the clean-plate club

but with coffee, it just doesn't matter; not throwing out stale coffee (i.e. more than 20 miniutes old) really won't help the starving of the world

but i generally do drink to the last cup which often means day old coffee when i make a pot and i'm the only one here to drink it--blek!

maybe i should get an espresso machine so i can have coffee by the cup--but i think, why spend all that money on a high tech coffee pot, think of what that money could to for the poor starving people of...wherever (i guess old guilt trips just die hard)--not that i'm likely to significantly raise my charitable contributions just because i'm forgoing an espresso machine

so now, throughly recognizing that the hours old, last cup of coffee really doesn't taste good but also, not wanting to "waste" it, i started adding milk to the later cups from the pot--then when that started tasting bland and even less like coffee, i began to add a bit of cocoa mix to the coffee/milk blend rendering it very unlike old coffee but more like some gooey barducks' "cafe' bla bla blah"

these slides down the slippery slope of coffee adulteration, the corrupting, debasing, impurifying by the addition of foreign elements into the day old coffee decoction, finally led me to the point of making a half pot of coffee (simple solution, some might conclude, but the first cup from a half pot is somehow less satisfying than that from a full pot--no, don't ask me to explain how this is, it just is)

so now, i have coffee that is pretty good for the first cup or maybe two (if i want a second cup right away) but not as good as if i'd made a full pot (and the half pot requires more beans than twice that required for a full pot)--i now have added one or two cups of "regular" hot chocolate a day, made with whole milk, of course to "make up" for the missed cups of coffee--all those extra calories! (which might, in fact, be of some use to the starving) this will no doubt accelerate the shrinkage of my pants

living in contemporary america does bring challenges...

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it's true that the first cup from a half-pot is not as good as the first cup from a whole pot. go figure. however, coffee wasteage has never been an issue with me. i just drink it 'till it's gone, and it never has a chance to go cold. heh... sometimes me 'n' the drummer will go to Smitty's, order a coffee each, and just take advantage of the free refils for about three hours. we're great tippers though.

heh... don't ya love it when you go into some yuppie coffee shop and order a coffee and they go "What flavor?"

er... coffee flavor, please.

yeah, what flavor!--is the proper response: yes

now, it they asked what beans, that might be a little different--i like it when the local grocer runs a sale on columbian beans, i just bought 2 big bags, so i'm set for a while, unless the word goes out and unexpected company descends

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