Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,


..so as not keep harpin' on the weather (which happens to be bright and sunny, even if it's only 28 tiny degrees!), I'll move into new territory --

i snagged a video from the library yesterday so as to while away the evening hours -- "Pin" was it's name, never heard of it before (not unusual in and of itself) - seemed like it might be a hidden sf - not - dealt with bro/sis relationship growing up in anal household -- sis seeks attn with the boys -- bro goes nuts and believes plastic medical dummy (belonging to dr. dad) can speak to him and give advice -- goes on from there for bit as bro goes off the deep end and sis cleans up her act -- i kept watching (it was kinda interesting) thinking when's he gonna get to it with his sis ... i'm not telling
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