Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

now, i ask you...

..is this a hitchin' dog that knows where her towel is?

she does need to get her beauty rest

see...this is what happens when i put other things off, like mowing the grass--but it'll get done--it's so nice today and now the shadows are long and the colors are their spectacular low-sun-angle brilliant--therefore mowing is that much more enjoyable :)

and girl-child called to say she's about to board the bird (after some check-in business about steel-toed boots, hehehe)and wave goodbye to g/f and portlandtown--and boy-child, not 15 mins before had called to say he and g/f will be at train station 9ish but will call again--i sometimes wonder if they correlate their call-ins (it's happened a number of times) or is this all part of some grand coincidence of which we haven't the slightest clue...
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