Ed (sirndipiti) wrote,

at least the weather's cooperating...

..this is the big weekend, my neice is getting married! fun time for all concerned especially since she and the lucky guy live only about 45 mins from here--hip hip...!--so we don't have to pack and go on a trip (always a trying experience)

it does mean, however, that jf and his gf and jn w/o her gf are arriving this eve--fine! great, i love 'm all, and never get to see either son or daughter enough since they trekked off to college (at opposite sides of the country), however

m's parting shot on her way out the driveway was, "the house is a shambles, i don't know what i'm going to do--i feel so stressed"

predictable--a scene replayed countless times--and indeed, 1) the house is not a shambles, 2) there are countless nooks and crannies throughout the house brimming with m's "teaching" materials 3) she wants me to share in some of her guilt about being so disorganized

so...i will have to vac and dust, etc around the "sorted" piles which i dare not disturb nor attempt to organize 'cause i'll screw up the system (system?)

ahhh--but i get to work at home, doing what i do without the outside distractions of a 9 to 5--jn's flight arrives from portlandtown this eve, jf's train from beautiful downtown new haven sometime (he'll call :) and i will enjoy a grand weekend

i feel very fortunate at 9am on a lovely fall friday even if my leg has not quite healed, it will...
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