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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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no dentist today...

..fuckers! told me my appt is the 31st

no sir, it doesn't matter that your appt card says 10-17-02, colleen must have made a mistake, she's not here today, see you on the 31st

i think after self-surgery, i'm going to look into self-dentistry

maybe not--i dun't know...i must think good thoughts and smile

oh yeah, now that's a good thought...having a photo wall over the puter desk was an excellent idea--i merely look up and there's a pic to smile over and remember...

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a dentist appointment on halloween? my mom usually makes me go a few days after.......

yeah, isn't that a trip--i wonder if the hygienist will be in costume--definitely not the dentist, he walks about as if he had a broom handle up his ass

really? my dentist is nice. he gives me stickers at the end of each visit.

Yeah don't remind me i have to go to the dentist in a week!

the best part is, i've never seen you use the word "fuckers" before.

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