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..are for fishing, kite flying, congas, pickets, lane dividers, elments of a poem, book, song, and loads of other good things (plus the military, which is where the idea of people in lines no doubt had it's hideous birth)--lines are not for people

i abhor standing in line, if i have to wait in line at a resturant, i leave--their food can't be that good (well, alright i sometimes give in to the company i'm with--if they're being equally as pig-headed about staying)--reservations, you say, and yes, i would prefer to only patronize eateries which accept reservations, but, well, hell, a buck only stretches so far

the wise person plans grocery shopping at non-line times, like 7am where possible--of course this doesn't always work, no telling when the munchies will strike and ya just gotta have a little debbies brownie or two--or perhaps you suddenly discover you're completely out of chocolate ice cream--there are emergency situations, after all--but shopping lines are just sooo bad

if forced into a line by unavoidable circumstance, i try to practice deep breathing, really, i do--also, i have a truly pocket-size radio which i bring on excursions where i think there might be the slightest possibility of a line, grocery store, wal-mart and the like where i just know slow deep breathing is not going to cut it--but the damn flourescent lights, bzzz bzzz bzzz--so, i've been thinking of bringing along a small sketch pad and trying to capture some of the more colorful facial expressions and postures and gesticulations of my line mates -- the only thing stopping me is not really wanting to incite someone to line rage where they might grab my pen and shove it up my nose or elsewhere

...and then, and then... listen to this: one of the most odius, horrid, hateable lines you will ever encounter--you're trapped on one of the north east's wretched abominations, a toll road--wait in line to get a ticket, wait in line to pay a toll, wait in line on the roadway 'cause it's so backed up you can't move, and wait in line at one of the few rest stops to take a leak or, god forbid, buy gas (at elevated prices--for the convenience!)--of course, ya do take food with you and never resort to the low level swill they serve at such places (regardless of what children travelling with you may say, it's generally inedible), 3 or 4 bucks for a disgusting excuse for a hamburger that probably has been sitting there as long as you sat on the roadway, i don't think so


this began as a short addendum to stranges rant, but it grew, probably beyond the bounds of it's questionable worth, so i felt obliged to place it in my journal and not byte up her bits--but, this is the last line

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