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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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..some might find my preferred summer costume (boxers, shorts, and sometimes a tee) to be a result of laziness but i prefer to think of it as a direct result of expediency--however it doesn't always work out that way: sleeping in boxers and a tee, all i have to do is roll outta bed and slip on the shorts, conveniently draped on a chair, and i'm ready for the day--i did that this morning (and probably would have remained so dressed all day--had it not been for needing a shower) then after the shower it felt down right chilly, so i gave in and put on jeans and a long sleeve shirt (the shirt's already off)--so, today, then, is the first official day of fall for me (unless i change into shorts later in the day--then summer will be extended)--i miss my shorts, my legs feel strangled--gaaak!

speaking of wardrobes, that reminds me my neice is wedding this coming saturday--not a shorts day, no matter the weather--to honor her day i will come attired in jacket and tie (among other things)--it's to be outside, do a sun dance for her (and him too, although he seems like one who would just let it roll off his back)

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did you stink? hehe

i've been wearing jeans/pants and long sleeve shirts and jackets forever now, it seems. [i think it's only been two weeks, maybe.]

i like how you said that summer will be extended, if you put back on your shorts... heh

"did you stink"

maybe....peanut the wonder dog wouldn't come in when i called her :)

"summer will be extended"

doesn't look likely--my shirt's already back on--but i'm in good spirits anyway, just listened to utah philips' rendition of moose turd pie hehheheheh...

a dog wouldn't come to you? yeah, you did stink. haha.

i have no idea what moose turd pie is...i may have to check that out, though.

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