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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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i see by the weather map, this current aberrant weather cell is likely, in the fashion of some of the more legendary nor'easters, to dally about our area for some time--and the worst of it, now down by the carolinas, is growing as it gnaws it's way up the coast

i want a cozy fire on the hearth, an endless supply of cafe au lait mit chokolat (knowing neither french nor german, i feel free to offer bastardizations of one or both with equanimity), and someone with whom to share the same plus a hug or two--certainly not much to ask for weathering the storm...

unfortunately the only hearth i have at this location is my outdoor wood-burning kiln--which i feel quite sure will not fill the bill

i suppose i must ammuse myself in other ways--such is life, credo quia absurdum est

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a month back, i posted that latin quote.
i am tattooing it onto my back soon.
i follow it completely.

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