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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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bitch and moan...

..it's one of those days again it's 9:30am and i'm still running around in boxers and tee--had a relief waking at 6:00 but went back to bed and didn't wake up again till 8:45--shit shit shit--now i feel like i've been rolled over with one of the logs i have waiting to be cut into firewood--i know it's a bad idea to oversleep like that but i just said wtf

found out last night my plans for a long weekend have been scuttled--won't be able to visit jd or spend time with ar--haven't exercised in days with this leg injury and i feel loggy from all the sitting around, actually fat and loggy like after a bloating thanksgiving dinner, i have the constant munchies from not knowing what to do with myself--i hate it when the best thing i can think of doing is stuff my face

i don't think this new med is doing shit--it's been allmost a week now--wtf--that should have been plenty of time to kick in--dosage is probably way the fuck too low

my whole studio is still a mess from going from project to project without cleaning up in between--i can be such a slob sometimes and i hate it when people are slobs, how much effort does it take to clean up after yourself--obviously too much effort for me

that's enough for now--i gotta go get something to eat...

if you choose to skip the bitching, good for you--it's mainly for me--sometimes seeing things in black and white help me to move off the pity pot

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..you were warned, you coulda skipped on down the line ;)

i'm too curious for warnings. =/

..then like the proverbial cat, you must accept the consequences of you curiosity ;)

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