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..so it's a journey...with "friends only" welcome to most of it

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sunny day...

..i took my leg out for some fresh air and sunshine:

is the self-healing machine not a wonderful thing?

if only we could figure out which synapse gates to open or close, we might not even need the stitches

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*frown* What happened to your leg?

i was assembling some machine parts and one jumped up and bit me on the leg 'cause i stepped on it

Humph. Don't do that again.


hope it gets all better real soon!

..it's noticably better than yesterday--good as new soon

did your leg enjoy the fresh aira nd sunshine? hehe

oh oh oh! pretty! =p

it really doesn't look near as bad as i imagined. thank kurt cobain.

i hope it doesn't hurt too badly.

why, yes, thank you, it did...

..as did all the rest of my body parts :)

wow. it is pretty neat and tidy.

that's a tricky spot too.
props to the doctor.
maybe it'll heal with frankenstein lines and look all pretty for a year.


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